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About the Sport

It’s social...

A great place to meet people, and participate in friendly competition and social events.

It’s fun...

There are all kinds of club and local tournaments for people at all skill levels. Mixed events offer men and women the opportunity to compete in a fun and relaxed environment. And there is no better place to be on a gorgeous spring or summer day or a cool summer evening.

It’s competitive...

For those who wish to excel in lawn bowling, there is an excellent competitive structure including club, regional, provincial, national and international events.

It's easy...

Stanley Park Lawn Bowling Club provides all equipment needed for play, except the shoes. Wear flat, smooth-soled shoes, and we’ll do the rest: the bowling green, set of four bowls, a jack (the small white target bowl) and a mat (the delivery spot). Lawn bowling is also a certified heart healthy occupation.

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Object of Bowls

The object of the game is to roll the bowl as close to the white jack as possible. The jack is rolled the length of the green to start each end. Where it stops, after being centered in the middle of the rink, becomes the target for the balance of the end.

The bowl is not completely spherical, allowing it to curve toward the jack as momentum is lost. The bowl curves either way, depending on which way it is held during delivery.

Bowls involves offensive and defensive strategy to play the game, and has the added challenge that the jack is movable and can be displaced anywhere on the rink by a delivered bowl.

You need:

A bowls green which is 31 to 40 metres square and is perfectly flat. The green is divided into rinks, which are not less than 4.3 metres or more than 5.8 metres wide, so several games can be played at the same time.

A set of bowls, which includes four (4) bowls, and comes in several sizes to best fit the player’s hand. Black and brown coloured bowls are most often seen, however brightly coloured bowls are becoming more prevalent. To help distinguish from opponents bowls, coloured logos are affixed to the bowls.

A jack, which is smaller, round and white, and is used as the target.

A mat, which is 600 mm long and 360 mm wide. One foot must be on the mat when a player delivers the bowl.

Flat heel-less footwear, so the greens won't be damaged.

Comfortable clothes which are within the club’s dress standards. This usually is relaxed and comfortable, with some uniform requirements once you enter higher level competitions.

Scoring the Game of Bowls

There are four basic games played:
In Fours there are 4 player per team (2 bowls per player)
In Triples there are 3 players per team (3 bowls per player)
In Pairs there are 2 players per team (4 bowls per player)
In Singles there is 1 player per team (4 bowls)

Positions parallel those of curling. In Fours, the team consists of a Skip, Vice, Second and Lead, and it is adapted for Triples and Pairs. Each player delivers a bowl alternately with their counterpart until all bowls have been delivered. This completes one end of play and the shots for that end are counted.

One or more points are scored by the team whose bowls are closer to the jack than those of their opponents. One point is scored for each bowl closer.

A game consists of an agreed upon number of ends. In provincial, national, or international play, the number of ends is set. Singles are played to a set number of shots per game (not ends).

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